Italian Meats

Pepperoni, ham, bacon, ground beef & plenty of Italian sausage.

Margherita Pizza

Thin crust pizza with fresh mozzarella slices, tomato slices, fresh basil & oregano.

Chicken Alfredo

Chicken breast, fresh broccoli, garlic, tomato & Alfredo sauce. (No tomato sauce).

Philly Cheese Steak

Sliced roast beef, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, cheddar & garlic butter sauce. (No pizza sauce).

Spinach Alfredo

Fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, garlic, tomato & Alfredo sauce. (No tomato sauce).

Mexican Fiesta

Ham, chicken breast, chorizo, pineapple, jalapeños, tomato & onion.


Spinach, broccoli, tomato, cheddar, extra cheese.

Chicken Ranch BLT

Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & Ranch dressing. (No pizza sauce).

Southwestern BBQ

BBQ sauce, blended mozzarella, chicken, bacon, onions, cheddar cheese. (No pizza sauce).

Chicago Stuffed

The world famous Chicago Stuffed pizza includes two layers of dough stuffed with cheese & plenty of your favorite items with the tomato sauce on top. A very hearty pizza! (25-40 minutes baking time)

Prices Reflected For Cheese Only, Toppings Are An Additional Charge Per Item.